Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hello from Fossil Rim...

I will share more animal pictures with you tomorrow but thought I would first share where we are staying.  It's called the Safari Camp and it's a collection of about seven tents with hard floors, bathrooms and some even have air conditioning although ours seems to be broken at the moment.  The tents are close to one of the bigger waterholes so we see animals across the fence from our tent all the time.  Last night there was a large flock of turkeys, fallow deer, European Red Deer and a crane which called for a long time.  The fallow deer and European Red Deer are mating right now and I have a snippet of video showing two red deer locking antlers.
Our tent contains two single beds which I swear are just crib mattresses.  The pillows are completely flat, no four star hotel here.  But we don't come for the amenities.  Breakfast is wonderful, and it's all about location, location, location.

 The shower is actually larger than my husband's shower at home.  The bathroom is teeny but adequate for the amount of time we spend there.
The view from the front of the tent is awesome, at night it looks like we can see hundreds of miles since we're up so high.  And this is the front of our tent.  We sat outside this morning and watched the world come to life and listened to the fallow and red deer grunt.  They all spent the day sleeping since all night grunting seems to wear them out.  Temperatures are in the high 80s here down to the 60s at night.  More tomorrow.....

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