Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here we go again....

Carl and I have been shopping for the materials for our next remodel - my bathroom.  My bathroom is like a railroad car, it's 60 inches wide and very long, divided into two rooms.  The first room has a wall to wall vanity, a large 3 door medicine cabinet, and a huge linen closet across from the vanity.  The second room is the tub and toilet.  We originally planned to gut the master bathroom and just update my bathroom.

I had a small list.  I wanted a mirror instead of a medicine cabinet, I wanted to change the light above the medicine cabinet, I wanted my vanity painted and new hardware, I wanted the room painted, two grab bars installed by the tub and a new electrical plug installed on the left side of the vanity - easy peasy, right?

Now we are ripping out the tub enclosure and the vanity and countertop and replacing the tub with a whirlpool tub, the vanity with a much smaller vanity and two cabinets on either side.  Since the new tub is white and the old tub enclosure and toilet was beige, we will need to replace the toilet, too.  We're taking down the wall and door between the rooms to open it up, putting tile on the walls around the tub and tile on the floor which is now linoleum.  And then we're going to paint the room.

I've found all the materials - the whirlpool tub, the vanity, the two cabinets, the mirror, the light over the mirror, the light over the tub (a chandelier), the toilet, the wall tile, the curved shower rod and gorgeous curtain and the floor tile.  I even found the paint and don't tell anyone but it's Martha Stewart (it was the only color that matched the glass tile - honest).  The tile around the tub will be white glazed subway tile (size still to be determined) but the trim is a 1x1 white and greenish gray glass tile, three rows high which will run in a band around the tub, height still to be determined.  I'm hoping for an alcove to put soap and shampoo in, that size also to be determined.  Right now I have a tiny ledge that doesn't even hold my body wash, it keeps falling off onto my foot.

Originally the plan was for Mike to start work next Thursday, but the tub takes two to three weeks to arrive so we're assembling everything and he and Pat will start work in January.  Mike's having surgery on his foot the end of November and will need six weeks to recuperate.  And we need to measure for the wall and floor tile so we know how much to purchase.  I was so very happy with the kitchen, I can't wait to get the bathroom done.  I've wanted a Jacuzzi since forever, I'm going to love this tub - I may never get out of it.

Sassy Update:  No accidents since October 22.  The cat boxes are still in the living room but now in a corner partially hidden by a Norfolk Island Pine.  She uses both boxes, sometimes in the same potty session, part in each box.  We clean the boxes two or three times a day.  We have the Kitty Prozac but haven't given her any yet.  We're still hoping the double boxes with two different types of litter will do the trick.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. hello
    i dit read about your cat problem.dit you ever try to let your cat outside for potty?i got a friend with a cat,he dont like the litterbox.he only go outside for always after he dit eat,he goes to the door ,make a noise to tell my friend he have to go out in the yard.after potty he comes back inside and take a nap.may you like to try to go out with your cat on a leasch.wisch your succes with these problem.sorry i'm from germany and my english ist not very well(never was in shool to learn english)
    have a nice day.hugs across the miles.