Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Birthday

Do you know someone who was born on October 31st?  My husband's sister was.  Not too many classy Halloween birthday cards on the market these days.  I've struggled to come up with something but this year I think I nailed it.  I purchased a Stampin' Up stamp set on e-bay called "Wicked Cool".  I placed a bid on several sets up for auction but the price always topped what I was willing to pay.  Imagine my surprise when I saw a set with a 'buy now' button for much less than the last auction price I saw.  I really like the possibilities in this set which includes the hat, boots, bats, a candelabra, "have a wicked halloween" and a spider web. 

I used the same set to create this card:
The pumpkin in this card and the Happy Birthday in the top card are also Stampin' Up stamps.  It's raining here today but warm.  Hope the weather is nice wherever you are.


  1. In my family, I have a future brother-in-law with a Halloween birthday. I swear he always gets the best birthday cards of the family - they are just so fun to make that they often get more planning than some of the others. My kids love making his cards too.

  2. These are gorgeous Cindy,I love the stamps
    Kevin xx

  3. aawww, this is absolutely cute!! and SIL will love it!! it is just perfect and I had never seem a stamp like this one before!! love it and she will too!!