Monday, February 10, 2014

Kitty Prison....

Sassy made another huge mess in the spare bedroom sometime between bedtime last night and waking up this morning.  She does her smaller messes in the litter box but saves the big ones for the carpet.  Easy to clean up, they are healthy bowel movements for the most part, just more volume than the ones in the litter box.  If we could figure out why the small ones go in the box and the big ones go on the floor, I think we'd have the key to her problem.  But since we don't, she's back on lock down in the laundry room for twenty four hours.  Carl showed her the mess and put her in the laundry room.  He didn't yell or scold her, just showed her and locked her up.  We're going to leave her locked up for twenty four hours or one bowel movement.  Show it to her (hope it's in the box), praise her, love on her a bit and let her out.  But, we'll continue to lock her up at night for as long as it takes for her to get it in her thick head, in the box - good, out of the box - bad.

I sometimes think my husband thinks this problem is because she's mad at us.  Since she's been doing it since the day we brought her home, it isn't Sadie's fault.  I personally think she's got a screw loose.  We still haven't talked about taking her back to the ARK, she's too much a part of the family and if we had an incontinent relative living here, we certainly wouldn't take them to a shelter.  At least with her locked up at night we won't have a mess to clean up.

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