Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sixteen days and counting....

We've had a bit of a mix-up here and I'm not sure what's going on.  Sassy has been spending time hiding in the spare bedroom, either under the dresser or on a towel covered tub on the spare bed.  She hasn't been joining us in the family room, she's not sleeping in my chair or Carl's chair.  Sadie has been spending all her time in my craft room on the window seat.  She hasn't been joining us in the family room either.

This morning both of them joined us in the family room and now Sassy is on the window seat in my work room.  Sadie has been up here but saw that Sassy got the seat first and Sadie moved under my desk.  Now Sassy is talking to the birds and I'm glad to have her back.  I hate to admit that she's my favorite.  It makes me feel bad that I don't adore Sadie the way I do Sassy.  Sadie is harder to love, she's stingy with her affection and even though I know why, it doesn't help the way I feel.  I can count on ten fingers the number of times I've heard her purr.  She seems to want to stick close to me, everywhere I go she's pretty much behind me but she doesn't want to be touched or picked up.  She doesn't play like Sassy does, when Sassy plays she puts her whole heart into it, Sadie might lift a paw to bat at something but she hasn't learned how to really play and that makes me sad. But we're very happy to have her here, perhaps someday she'll learn to trust us.

As the title implies, it's been sixteen days since we've had any mess outside of a litter box.  Yesterday I was refilling the air freshener in the laundry room, Sassy followed me in, I asked her if she wanted to go potty and she hopped into the litter box and pooped and peed.  Then she ran out like her tail was on fire so we played chase for ten minutes.  She was so tickled with herself that she ran all over the living room, up the chair back and into the window.  Silly girl.

They have different ways of relieving stress, too.  Sassy pads on soft afghans and her pet bed.  Sadie bathes us.  Anytime Sadie lets you pet her, she must be grooming some part of you while you do.

We got a ton of snow last night and after the last snow fall, I ordered hubs an electric snow blower.  While the extension cord is a hassle, the snow blower rocks - and blows.  I'm very impressed with how quickly we finished cleaning the drive but since it's still snowing, we'll wait a while for the second pass.  The girls both helped pull it out of the box and put it together.

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