Saturday, February 1, 2014

Twelve days and counting....

Silly to get our hopes up again but it's been another long stretch without an "on purpose".  Not our longest, but we're happy with it.  Sassy must have been sucking down speed this morning.  She was all over the house running up and down the stairs, the furniture, in and out of rooms.  She didn't slow down for a couple of hours.  Strange....  Sadie was asleep in my work room, sacked out, dead to the world.  Before she crapped out, I watched them in the living room.  I watched Sadie chase Sassy under the Jimmy Buffet chair, Sassy laid down and watched Sadie walk away.   When Sadie got about six feet from Sassy, Sassy ran out from under the chair and followed Sadie out of the living room.  I lost them because I was headed to the bathroom but I didn't hear any noise and both are sleeping the sleep of angels now.  I've cleaned all the litter boxes twice today so both of them are making major contributions - which is OK with us, by golly. 

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