Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sadie enters the Indy 500....

Sadie has taken to sleeping under our bed.  Since we don't trust her in our room, we've been covering our bed with a paint tarp that goes in the closet at night when we're not in there.  We would prefer she wasn't in the room but it's almost impossible to keep her out.  Yesterday I left the bathroom and Sadie was in my tub playing with the ping pong ball I keep there.  The door to the bedroom was closed so I checked behind me, she wasn't there, I opened the door and she ran over my foot.  She's an Olympic class runner.

The girls spent an hour in the spare room this morning, Sassy on a tub on the bed and Sadie on the sewing machine cabinet, but for the most part the only time they are in a room together is with us.  Carl tied a piece of cording to one of those rods you use to open blinds with and they both play with that but not at the same time - they take turns.

Things have been quiet, boxes are being used, Sadie is calm.

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