Sunday, January 12, 2014

Welcome to the rodeo....

First, Sassy is fine.  No messes, but Sadie peed on the laundry room floor twice and pooped on Carl's office chair in the basement.  We'd like to believe that it's because she's withdrawing from the meds - we don't know.  She's now locked up in the laundry room with the litter box, blanket, food and water but it wasn't fun catching her.  She hates being picked up anyway and I'm sure she felt the tension so she ran like crazy.  No one wants to pick her up because she's so aggressive when she's mad but I managed to hold her down in the living room while screaming for Carl to get a blanket.  She managed to get away into the dining room and then upstairs in my craft room where we closed the door and trapped her in a corner.  I wrapped her up while she screeched and carried her down to the laundry room.  While I was going down the stairs into the family room and Sadie was screeching, Sassy was running for cover.  All is quiet now, messes have been cleaned up, Sadie is locked up, Sassy is in my craft room window and Carl is off to breakfast.  I need to shower and clean off the sweat. 

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