Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mama has a bath....

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to find Sadie vigorously bathing my left hand.  I don't think it's ever been so clean before.  She was on my pillow with her tail in Carl's face.  He got up to start the day - make coffee, feed the girls, fetch the paper.  He's a good husband.  I went on the 'good poop, bad poop' search.  Good poop in the spare bedroom and craft room.  I think Carl has been adding too much litter to the boxes.  All of them are extremely full.  The one in the laundry room was used the most and had the least litter in it.  Before I could think to tell Carl not to fill it up, he already had.  His box in the basement is within an inch from the top and no one has used it for several days.  I've read that 1-2" deep is the optimum level for cats so we're going to keep the one in the laundry room at that level.  And not add to the others until their level is reduced.

Sadie had her second pill today.  She's on my craft room window seat bathing now and looks very content.  I have not checked her food to make sure she actually ingested her pill.  She was active yesterday and very friendly so maybe the pill she had on Tuesday didn't have a lot of effect on her.  She was purring this morning as she cleaned my hand, something she's doing more of, purring, I mean.  Perhaps that one pill every other day is just enough to take the edge off.  Hopefully we won't find anymore pee in the laundry room.  And we're keeping her out of our room except at night.  And we're praying that she won't pee on our bed while we're in it.  If she does, that will be the end of that experiment. 

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