Friday, January 17, 2014

Is this the calm before the storm?

Sadie has been getting more friendly every day.  Yesterday she rolled over so I could rub her belly - that was a first.  She's been following me into the bathroom in the morning for some petting when I start my day.  She also lays right outside the bedroom door and this morning streaked in when Carl got up to make coffee.  I woke up with her face in my face and heard her say "mert" which is her only word.  She followed me into the bathroom, rubbing against my legs and purring.  I tried to close the bedroom door when I left the bathroom but she was too fast for me.  I had to leave the bedroom door open until she went down to eat and then close it.  She ate half her breakfast and raced back up to the door which was closed.  Carl asked me later to distract her so he could get back into the bedroom to take a shower.  Since she hadn't finished her breakfast, I took her back downstairs to finish.  We're going to have a problem with her now that she's been in the bedroom and knows that she can get in.  If I was sure our bed would be safe, I would let her in, she loves that room and when we first got her slept on the our bed all the time.  It was only after the second mess on our bed that we closed it off.

No messes since Wednesday.  We're back to poop patrol four or five times a day, cleaning up each mess as it happens.  Sadie has already used the craft room box but we're waiting for Sassy.

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