Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sadie breaks the bedroom barrier...

I was sound asleep last night when Sadie began howling outside the bedroom door.  I sat up in bed and stared at her - she stared right back and then slipped her paw under the door and started rattling it loudly.  She wouldn't quit.  So, I opened the door for her.  It's been months since she's been allowed in the bedroom and she made up for lost time.  She jumped on and off the bed a dozen times, walked over both of us, woke us up numerous times, saying "mert" over and over and over.  I did not want to get up this morning, I was too tired.

We coaxed her downstairs for breakfast but she's back in our bedroom right now, so I guess the door is open for a while.  It's either that or listen to her howl at night.  She isn't even laying on our bed, she's on the floor in the corner.  Go figure.

We believe Sassy did another job on Carl's computer chair (second time).  He was really unhappy this morning and I do believe he's getting ready to lock her back up at night.   Probably for the best since we can't trust her.

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