Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sadie ousted from the bedroom...

We've had a disappointment from both of the girls.  Sassy pooped in the spare bedroom this morning and Sadie peed on our bed yesterday but I didn't discover it until I went to bed last night.  I had to strip the bed down to the mattress, clean the mattress, remake the bed and sack up the comforter and mattress cover for the cleaners.  Sadie can come into the bedroom at night but is locked out during the day.  She's asleep in my chair right now (a first) and Sassy is on the couch.  We are left scratching our heads as to our next move.  We've even considered putting Sadie back on pills again so we're still exploring that option.  We love her playfulness and sweetness off of drugs, but not the peeing in the laundry room, in box tops and on our bed.

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