Monday, January 27, 2014

Hide the poop, hide the poop....

I have noticed in the last three days that both cats are doing more covering in the litter box.  We've never known Sadie to ever do that.  I do believe that lowering the level of litter in the box made a difference.  I don't know if it will cause them to use the box full time, but it's a behavior we didn't expect.  One of the cats used my craft room box (they haven't used it for over a week) and all the litter is scraped up and in a pile.  It might be the difference between feeling the bottom of the box and sinking into deep litter.

I slept in a bit this morning, past Sadie's feeding.  By the time I got up she was coming back to the bedroom and zipped under the bed before I could grab her.  So, for the first time since she peed on the bed, the door is open to the bedroom and we're not in it.  She's under the bed and I've been checking every half hour or so.  We've decided to purchase a drop cloth for occasions like these.  If she gets under the bed, we can't get her out.  I supposed I could drag out the vacuum cleaner and scare her out, but we never like to do that unless it's an emergency.  Sassy is wary of the vacuum but Sadie is terrified of it.

One day this week I plan to clean the carpets downstairs, especially in the living room in front of the entertainment center.  One of Sassy's favorite pooping places.  When I spray with vinegar water she keeps away from it, but I don't always remember to do that and she's a sly fox.  She waits until the smell goes away and...

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