Saturday, January 11, 2014

Plan ZZ - Day 11...

Yesterday we had the monthly 'cousins' lunch and we left the house unprotected about 11:45.  I left the pet carriers off of the chair and footstool, the living room open, and my craft room door open.  We ate a leisurely lunch, stopped at Kelly Seed for bags of bird food, stopped at Kroger's for groceries and got home about 3:40.  The first thing I did was check everything - no messes.  None, zip, nada.

Sadie was waiting outside the bedroom door this morning and went all commando on me - rolling over on her back, exposing her claws, hissing and growling.  Not a morning cat, obviously.  We expect those symptoms to just taper off as the final drugs get out of her system.  I've picked her up and had her purr just often enough to know she's going to be fine.  She's in the craft room window now watching the numbers change on the DVD recorder (I'm watching Bluebloods).  She can sit still and stare for longer than any cat I've ever had.  Motionless, regal, sleek.  She even sleeps elegantly.  Sassy sleeps like a 3 year old, all over the place, sprawled out, in configurations that seem impossible to get into.  Sassy is all squishy, soft, pliant; Sadie is all angles, wiry, muscles.  Different personalities, body types, tempers.  What would be the fun if both cats were the same, right?

This morning all was well, litter box in the basement had been used by both cats, litter box in the laundry room used once.  Three litter boxes untouched.  Good girls, both!

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