Friday, January 3, 2014

Plan ZZ - Day 3...

At 7:35 a.m., at GPS Coordinates Longitude:  40.985627 and Lattitude: -89.458882 - drum roll, please...we had Sassy poop in the laundry room box.  Minutes later, Sadie made a deposit in the basement.

We fed the girls at 5:30 a.m.  Sadie ate a half a large can of Friskies and Sassy ate most of a heaping teaspoon of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers with a tablespoon of warm water mixed in - Sassy likes gravy as much as my husband does.  Sassy immediately took a nap on my footstool which is covered when we're not in the family room.  When we broke up - me to check my e-mail, Carl to take a shower, I brought Sassy to the craft room after covering my chair and footstool.  She immediately went back down to Carl's chair (which is ok, she's never done anything bad in that chair).  A little while later, I went down into the laundry room and called her in, asked her if she had to go potty, and after sniffing her water and food bowl, she walked into the litter box and peed.  So, I picked her up, rubbed her belly and told her what a good girl she was, set her down and went back upstairs.  Carl came up at 7:35 and said we had poop in the laundry room followed by poop in the basement.  We can now open the living room to the cats.

We've gone weeks before without an accident, so although I'm encouraged, we aren't buying any champagne yet.  In fact, we will never know if she's cured, like an alcoholic, there's always the chance that tomorrow will be the mess up day.

On another note:  Sadie is two pills from being weaned.  She had one today, she'll have one the 6th and one the 9th and she's finished.  The only difference in her behavior since we started this process is she seems more eager to play and quicker on her feet.  She was actually RUNNING through the house a couple of days ago, we've never seen her run before.  She's a little awkward, which we attribute to living in a cage most of her life.  She's using the cat tree again and spending time in my craft room.  She's still not loving or anything close to that but I've been able to pick her up for long minutes before she starts to growl and struggle.  Carl says she plays with him in the basement and increasingly is not using her claws to grab him.  We've  adopted the sharp "No" when she hurts us and she backs off.  She's using the cat scratching posts exclusively - at least when we're watching and we haven't noticed any furniture being damaged.  No aggression toward Sassy, either, they walk right past each other and except for a little hissing, there have been no fighting problems since we got home.  And that's the news from our house.

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