Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sadie protects the house...

No accidents since Tuesday but we've given up holding our breath.  We just wait until the next one.  Sadie is doing very well on a pill every other day.  She's still friendly but doesn't sleep all day and seems very relaxed when she does sleep.  The only out of the ordinary happening was yesterday.  It was 26 degrees (a high temperature for the last week) and one of the stray cats appeared on the deck.  Sadie had a fit.  She yowled and hissed.  She ran from her platform by the sliding glass deck doors to the family room window platform and back again.  She was very agitated and when Carl tried to talk to her, she hissed and growled at him, then went back to patrolling 'her' territory.  After an hour had passed, I could stroke her again but not for long - she was unhappy for several hours before she settled down and in one of her races to the family room window seat Sassy got in her way.  Sadie hissed, growled and kept going.  We thought she'd take it out on Sassy but she was just warning Sassy to stay out of her way.  Sassy backed up but didn't run.  We were ready with the water bottle but didn't need it.  We've had Sadie now for nine months and while she's come a long way, she still has a ways to go.  

On a related note, we discovered pet screen.  It's a product designed especially so dogs and cats can't destroy it.  Carl purchased a roll of it yesterday at Home Depot and plans to re-screen the windows we've had problems with Sadie destroying.  My craft room for sure, the family room windows and probably the slide screen to the deck.  Last summer we had to keep windows closed because of her  tendency to snag her claws in the screen and rip holes in it.

We've had no Sadie accidents since we started the pills again.  The girls are tolerating each other but still are no closer to becoming friends.  Just this morning with Sadie sound asleep on the craft room windows seat, Sassy tried to jump up there.  She couldn't see Sadie, obviously.  The jump woke Sadie up but Sassy was the one who turned around and jumped right back down, Sadie didn't do anything or make any noise.  Now Sadie is awake and Sassy is downstairs somewhere.  I tried to bring her back up but she just did that low, long screech she does, not really a scream or a growl.  I've read it can take a year for cats to learn to get along, I think we'll need longer.

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