Friday, January 10, 2014

Plan ZZ - Day 10...

All is quiet.  Sadie was in my craft room for a while this morning, Sassy came to visit, Sadie left and Sassy took over the window seat.  The new carpet cleaner arrived (my Christmas present to myself) but isn't out of the box yet.  Sassy was smelling the craft room carpet which tells me there is still odor that needs to be cleaned up.  Sunday I will have Carl assemble the cleaner and I'll scrub the craft room carpet.

Sadie has trained Carl to keep his man-cave clean.  She has a habit of peeing on box tops and plastic bags left on the floor - she only does it in his room.  She's good as long as the floor is cleaned up.

No messes last night.  Carl and I said that at the first sign of a mess, Sassy goes back in lock-up for 24 hours.  It seemed to work last time we did it, she really HATES being locked up.

All in all, we're happy with the cats.  Things could be a lot worse as these pictures show.

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