Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thoughts on Judge Judy...

I watch Judge Judy for three reasons.  The first is because I'm interested in the law; the second is because I expect to see relatives of mine on a show someday.  The third is best of all:  some of these cases are funnier than a Gabriel Iglesias special.

Case in point:  a young man staying with a friend loaned his house key to someone else and then left the house.  When he returned, no one was home and he didn't have a key, so he kicked in the back door - after all, he lived there, right?  He refused to pay for the damage saying if he had had a key, he wouldn't have needed to kick in the door.  (Are you scratching your head, too?)

Ready for another?  A single mother working as a waitress for $7.50 an hour loaned her boyfriend $3000.00 to pay his back child support.  The defendant said not only was he not her boyfriend, but the money was a gift because he was so good in bed.  (Oh, please!)

One last one.  A woman left for work leaving her boyfriend in the apartment.  He decided to start breakfast and take a bath.  He left a pot of water for noodles boiling on the stove and climbed into the tub.  The smoke alarm went off, he found a skillet full of grease on fire on the stove, tried to take it to the tub to put it out, dropping fire as he went.  Lots of damage in the apartment and she sued him for the fire.  His defense:  she left the skillet of grease on the stove, the fire wasn't his fault, it was hers.  And she had a curtain hanging in the kitchen to keep her birds out of the kitchen.  Due to the curtain, he couldn't smell the smoke, so it was her fault.  (Guess what?  He lost.)

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