Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Plan ZZ...

Last night we closed off the living room and the craft room, leaving three litter boxes available.  We also did not feed last night - we can count on one hand the number of times that Sassy has made a mess during the day when we're home.  Our theory:  food at night = poop at night.  They do have dry food available all night but seem to only poop after the wet food which they eat a lot of at one time - dry food is kind of a munch and run thing.  We didn't lock Sassy up but did cover the chair and footstool.  This morning I was a little apprehensive, did poop patrol and didn't find anything.

After feeding the girls, I kept an eye on Sassy.  Several times between eating at 5:30 and 7:15, I asked her excitedly if she needed to go potty?  She's been known to do that on command if she has to go, she thinks it's a game.  I also picked her up and set her in the litter box several times and at 7:15 was rewarded with a big poop in the craft room litter box.  So, I loved on her, told her what a good girl she was and gave her a belly rub.  Half an hour later Sadie graced us with her presence in my craft room and added to the litter box.  I would have loved on her, but she did a hit and run.  So, Day 1 down.

We also looked at portable catteries yesterday.  Amazon has one with three tiers that would be a good last resort.  It's on rollers so we could move her where we are.  It has a big floor space and a corner litter box.  The ASPCA web site recommended a month in lock up and if she made any messes while in the cage that were not in the litter box, to cover the cage floor with litter, so no matter where she went, she would be in the litter.  A little harder to clean up, but so worth it if this current watching her like a hawk and feeding only in the morning doesn't work.

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