Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Someone's sick...

Someone threw up three times last night.  Luckily we have the new carpet cleaner (a wonderful tool if you have cats).  Five minutes and no more mess or any indication there was one.  On the other front, we added a new litter box to the spare bedroom to cover the spot that Sassy likes to use and we were rewarded with her using it.  The box in the laundry room had been used by both cats - liquid only.  Both girls ate breakfast, Sassy played with me for a while, Sadie went to the top floor but then spent some time with Carl in the basement.  We started Sadie's meds again yesterday morning but we're only giving her 1/2 a pill every other day like we did when we were weaning her off.  Hopefully the pee problem will disappear; if not, we will go back to every day again.  She was allowed in the bedroom last night but didn't disturb us until this morning.  We actually were really late getting up, normally we're out of bed by five if not before.  This morning it was 6:45 and Sadie was hungry.  Strange that we slept in so late.  Sassy is asleep on the couch and Sadie is now in the family room window.  They both slept in the same room yesterday and it seems they are doing it again today.  Very unusual - they don't normally even sleep on the same floor.

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