Thursday, February 20, 2014

Still in the Big House (aka the laundry room)...

We took a road trip yesterday along the Illinois River to Havana, IL.  It's only an hour and a half drive straight through but we were looking for eagles so we meander.  We stop at boat ramps, lakes and wildlife refuges along the way.  Our count for the day was 35 eagles and 16 hawks, not our best, but a decent count.  Fifteen eagles in Havana alone.

Sassy spent our day out locked up.  If we aren't home to check on her all the time, she's in the laundry room.  When we go to bed at night, she goes into the laundry room.  Sassy has lost her privileges.  This morning both girls were in the family room and Sassy did a two hop toward Sassy, I swear she looked just like a bunny.  She got within six inches of Sadie and then turned around and headed for high ground (the footstool).  Sadie didn't even blink, she sometimes looks like she's carved out of stone, she just sits and stares.  But she hasn't hissed or growled at Sassy in weeks.  She's sort of like the teenager with a ten year old sister.  Whatever!

This was just a few minutes ago.  With temps due to rise to the 50s today, I opened up the front door.  We have a full length glass storm door on the outside and right outside that door is a birdbath and bird feeding station with tons of activity.  Both girls like to watch either from the hallway or in the bay window.  Sassy is a little skittish around Sadie but Sadie is a rock - I think she's just decided that Sassy is a figment of her imagination and if she ignores Sassy, Sassy will just go away.  We are encouraged by the lack of aggression.

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