Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Parole violation ....

Sassy went 3 nights and the 4th one she got the footstool and the chair that Sadie sleeps in once in a while.  Back in lockup.  Today the girls decided to help me craft, one more than the other.
Sassy never misses a chance to lay on my desk - of course she gets a good head and face rubbing when she does which means she's training me well.  We're pretty much resigned to keeping her locked up when we go to bed.  And then we just keep a close eye on her during the day.  She really doesn't seem to mind overnight, it's only when she's locked up and we are awake that she cries.  Yesterday the gate was leaning against the hall wall, extending out into the family room about a foot.  She kept running over and laying down right next to the gate and she never minds going into the laundry room when the gate isn't up.  Her food and blanket are in there and while she doesn't sleep in there when the gate is down, she does eat, drink and use the litter box.  I suspect if she hated being locked up she'd avoid that room. 

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