Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Electrical connection reestablished...

That electrical connection in Sassy's brain that we always thought was broken seems to have (at least temporarily) reconnected.  She's still using the box in the living room - the other two boxes are currently unused although Sadie does a complete sniff on both of them before going to the basement to use the box there.  I don't know what makes her dissatisfied with the boxes she previously used.  Perhaps it's the sides on the boxes.  The box that didn't have the sides on it caused her to spill over and we had to clean up the pee that was outside the box.  Totally not her fault.  And she won't use the box that Sassy is currently so fond of.  The box in the basement is an XL, much bigger than the three in the living room, perhaps she likes the bigger box.  I'd love to remove two boxes from the living room and leave the box Sassy likes.  We're afraid any change now will break the spell.

This morning I was in the living room playing with both cats.  Sassy got as close as putting her nose on Sadie's tail before Sadie walked away.  No hissing or growling, she just moved.  Sadie is still getting a pill every other day and no evidence of marking.

Sassy has developed several really large knots on her hindquarters.  She is totally comfortable with me brushing her chest, upper belly, back and sides until you reach her nether regions and her hindquarters and then she snaps at me.  So, I had Carl hold her down and got out the clippers and cut them out.  Now she looks funny, one hip is devoid of hair but the hair on her back is so long it covers some of it.  We're going to do the same thing to the other side, perhaps just shave her from her hips down her legs and butt.  That electric razor we got works a treat.  Zip, zip and we're done.  So, maybe we'll finish tonight.  Then I can introduce her to brushing where it doesn't hurt and keep that from happening again.  Sadie now has a knot at the top of her tail and she's adamant we don't get near it.  Where Sassy is a sissy and can be held down, neither of us want to deal with Sadie's teeth and claws.  Perhaps a wet towel someday, we'll wrap her up and shave it off.

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