Sunday, March 29, 2015

From this window - 3/29/15

Carl and I are prepared for spring even if Mother Nature isn't cooperating.  I checked out a couple of the garden beds yesterday.  The fenced bed has tulips, black-eyed susans and day lilies breaking ground.  I've seen a couple of iris leaves peeping up in the front garden bed.  Autumn joy sedum is breaking ground along the sidewalks, the clematis has buds and the honeysuckle has leaves.  The flower buds on the crab apple get bigger everyday.  I've seen the cardinals chasing each other, the chickadees checking out bird houses and bird song gets louder each week.  We're looking forward to temperatures in the 60s next week when the greenhouse will go up.  Carl has repaired all the birdhouses, moved the wren houses to the back of the woods and added sparrow resistance to the box by the craft room.  We're testing something new this year.  If the wren likes that box, we also have deterrent for him which worked well last year.  It's a real commitment raising bluebirds. 

Update on Sadie and Sassy:  Sassy is still in lock up at night.  Every night.  She doesn't get out until there's poop and pee in the box in the laundry room.  There have even been times during the day when I've caught her sniffing in the living room so I scoop her up and lock her in the laundry room.  She always goes potty and yowls for me to let her out.  And we do.  We want her to associate the gate coming down with using the litter box.  I ordered two small window bird feeders made of clear acrylic and held up with suction cups.  We lowered my craft room storm window about eight inches and affixed the feeders to the outside of it.  I can raise the screen and fill the feeders which allow entertainment for the cats.  Even with the inside window up, they can't get the birds but they have a ton of fun trying.

Sadie is still on every other day meds but we haven't gotten her to eat them the last two days making four days without medication.  No marking around the doors so far and I actually got a picture on my phone this morning of them both laying in the dining room, one on each side of the cat tree watching the birds in the yard.

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  1. Ah......peace & Spring. Great combo! Praying that it lasts.

    Spring is in full force here, we had cool temps this week, 60's & sunshine. It will get really hot fast. Enjoying it while it lasts.

    Hoping all goes well with the girls.

    D : )