Thursday, March 5, 2015

Running back to square one...

After several days of being really happy with Sassy, Tuesday morning found another mess on the living room floor three inches from the litter box.  She could have had her front feet in the box when she pooped on the carpet.  So, we're back to lock up.  Since she's eliminating about 8:00pm, we're locking her up at 7:00pm.  If she's done by the time Carl goes to bed, she can come out.  Hopefully, we'll catch most of it.  After three years, I'm not hopeful we will get this problem under control.  I had a sleepless night last night thinking about it.  I'm at my wit's end.  We've run out of ideas.  The first night in lock up in the laundry room she pooped and peed on the rug in front of the sink.  The litter box in the laundry room (and our spare bathroom) is in the table we purchased and it's very obvious she doesn't like it, although Sadie doesn't mind.  So, we moved another litter box in (defeating the purpose of hiding the litter box when guests use that bathroom) and she's using that one.  Just when the sun breaks through the clouds, we find ourselves beating our heads on walls.  Meanwhile, oblivious to all of our concerns, she's just the happiest cat - and the sweetest.

On another note, for the first time since early fall, the sun now peeks into my craft room window.  The earth is moving on its axis and spring can't be far behind.  At least in theory.

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