Sunday, June 17, 2012

Beetles (and not the German kind)...

We finally had a break in the weather - it rained most of last night.  The ground is actually soft again after weeks of cracks.  And that's the good news.  The bad news is the Japanese Beetles have arrived and are eating everything the deer isn't.  They were all over the Chinese Wisteria this morning, hundreds of them.  We don't normally use chemicals in our yard, we like the bugs - except for the Japanese Beetles.  I sprayed the wisteria to keep it from being eaten completely.  They were on the zinnias and cosmos, too.  And on the Joe Pye Weed which I don't worry much about, we have Joe Pye Weed out the wazoo.  But on a good note, our veggie garden is gorgeous, bug free (so far) and we have loads of tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers getting bigger everyday.  No flowers on the bush beans yet but I've never grown them before so I don't know how big they need to get before they bloom - if anyone knows, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me a comment.


  1. Oh Cindy, this is gorgeous!!!! : )

  2. Wow beautiful stepper card Cindy, I like the colours and the sunflowers.
    Kevin xx

  3. Love the stair step card and I think your description "fussy cut" is perfect. I do some fussy cutting myself and then arrange the items on the card and use pop dots.
    Jack from Naples.

  4. Fabulous card, Cindy!!! Don't you love it when you have an idea for a card and it comes together so beautifully? I'm glad the rain I sent arrived okay. :)