Tuesday, June 19, 2012

From this window - June 19, 2012...

I went 'on walkabout' early this morning.  Temp is already 81 and it's not even 9:00 a.m. yet.  Gonna be a hot one again today but I've watered the pots, checked for Japanese Beetles (only found a few), pulled weeds in the annual bed (lots of Zinnias and Cosmos blooming), peeked into the new wren nest in the back bed (seven eggs so far - that had to hurt), ate some warm black raspberries from the way back bed (the critters don't leave us many), cleaned up the mess on the deck from the wren deconstructing his nest there, fed the birds, cleaned and refilled the bird baths and came in to cook jerk chicken for lunch for movie day.  That made me tired just typing it.

As I sit here working I'm occasionally watching the bluebirds on the nest box outside the craft room.  While I haven't seen any nesting material go in the box, there is plenty of interest from both the male and the female so I'm hopeful we'll have a nest and eggs soon.  Since we are leaving on vacation about August 6th, we won't see these guys fledge; they'll be gone by the time we get back.


  1. I love this Cindy, It is fabulous!!
    Kevin xx

  2. Cindy, I can see why you are doing another step card with the window and planter... can't wait to see it. All your cards are just fabulous and I'm so enjoying grazing your blog. Hugs,