Monday, June 11, 2012

Red lights in the rear view mirror...

Have ya'll ever had that sinking feeling when you look in your rear view mirror and see a police car right behind you?  Even though you're a law abiding citizen, rarely speed, don't smoke or drink, you still have that feeling like you've done something wrong.  My last illegal act was third grade when I stole a candy bar from a local store.  Not only did I get walloped within an inch of my life but had to go back to the store and apologize.  Yet, I still get butterflies in my stomach when I see a police car behind me.  Go figure.

My computer bit the big byte in the sky and has gone to gigabyte heaven.  I've ordered a new one but delivery is estimated for June 21.  So, I type on the netbook.  I have no software to work with, pictures of my cards are on the dead computer which I'm told will be transferred to the new one when it arrives.  I sit in limbo but I am recording movies as I sit so it isn't a total loss.  I've recorded just under 100 movies (I know that because I ordered 200 dvd covers and I only have six left from the first 100.  I've still got quite a stack left to record.

Update on the bluebirds:  I've seen one of them poke his/her head outside the box today.  Dad is sitting on top of the box as I type.  When they start actively looking outside, they are close to fledging.  I look for them to be gone this week.  As soon as they leave I will clean out the nest and hope they have another brood.

I hope where ever you are things are going well for you.  The second my new computer is up and running I plan to have a big giveaway to celebrate my 300 followers.  So stay tuned.

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