Thursday, June 14, 2012

It's baaack!...

Chums, I've lots to tell you.  First of all my new computer arrived and most files have been transferred from the old computer.  I was up most of last night arranging, reloading software and making sure everything was there.  So far the only files I can't find are my Outlook data files so I have no calendar, no contacts and no saved e-mail.  My computer wizard said he will copy them from the backup drive to a cd and I can pick them up when he's finished but there seems to be a question mark on when.  So, I can't e-mail anyone who doesn't e-mail me first because I don't have ANY e-mail addresses, birthdays, calendar entries, etc.  Those items were not on my list to copy to my external drive (note to self: please copy Outlook files to external drive for safekeeping).

The bluebirds have left the nest.  Daddy bluebird stopped by yesterday to check out the empty box (I clean out the nest as soon as the babies are gone).  Maybe he's considering another nest in the same box.  We certainly hope so.  Our drought continues.  We had a small rain shower several days ago which lasted about ten minutes.  Just long enough to make it very muggy outside.  We have to water the veggies in pots everyday and clean out and fill the birdbaths.  The rabbits ate all of the cardinal vine I planted on the new shade structure right down to the ground.  Hubs took it personally so the new plants have been protected with rabbit fencing which is ugly but functional.  We continue to have scads of honey bees among the clover in our yard.  My husband is disappointed I won't let him spray for the clover which seems to be everywhere lending a snowfall look to our lawn.  He's very particular about his grass and the lack of it drives him crazy, but as long as the honey bees are feasting on the clover, the clover stays.

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  1. Awesome card, Cindy!!! It's great to have you able to show your cards again. I hope you're able to get the rest of your computer files soon. Thankfully, we're having a good rainy season like we should be right now. We will be glad that we did later in the summer.