Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Computer died...

My computer died again on Monday.  It just refused to boot up.  My wonderful computer wizard said his diagnostics said the computer was fine - it just wouldn't boot up - lol.  He thought maybe an electrical spike messed with the Windows boot sector.  Our recourse was to make a backup copy of my computer, reformat the hard drive, load a new copy of Windows and then everything else.  Which means I will be schlepping my computer back and forth for the next ten days as I find things that didn't make it back onto my computer.  The really bad news is all the pictures of my current cards are on my hard drive.  I make a copy every blue moon on my external drive but it has been a long time since the last blue moon.  And there is software that I've had so long that I don't begin to know where the disks are.  If my computer comes back intact the first thing I will do after thanking the computer fairies (and my wizard) is copy my cards to an external drive.  And since the URL of each card is attached to a record in Access, all two thousand records will have to be altered with the new URL.  Something to do when I have nothing to do, right?  I originally put the cards on my C: drive so I could carry my computer and show people my cards.  I will use a thumb drive from now on.

I am currently using our Acer netbook which is only about six inches by twelve inches and is very nice to take on vacation but not so nice to work on when you're using PhotoShop or Corel Draw.  I have a seventeen inch laptop with a "real" keyboard, unlike this tiny one.  So, since Monday I have been gardening and recording VHS tapes onto DVD and cleaning house - being on the computer?  Not so much.  If I've missed something wonderful you've done, I'm sorry.  I hope to be back today or tomorrow.


  1. Darn those blue moons - they don't cycle through fast enough! Technology - it is a true love/hate relationship. My laptop was so sluggish it like sucking a basketball through a straw. It finally had one gasp of cyber air and turned up its microchips and 'rammed' into that great motherboard in the sky. And lucky me - my daughter bought me a lovely Dell iCore laptop for mother's day!
    Hope your tech troubles are resolved because that whole house cleaning gig can't be healthy!

  2. It’s pretty clear to me that the problem’s the hard drive. If it wasn’t a hardware issue, you could’ve saved the files if you connected the hard drive to your other laptop. If it was a hardware issue, I’m sad to say that the files are gone. The reason why hard drives break easily is because the spindle can be damaged by slight movement. Anyway, I’m glad that you have another laptop you can use. I hope your computer’s fixed already!