Friday, June 29, 2012

From this window - 6/29/12...

Some sad news to report.  I was checking e-mail this morning and watching the bluebird house when I saw the wren go inside the box.  The first egg from this nest disappeared right after being laid.  The female came back and laid an egg Wednesday and Thursday.  The wren pulled both of those eggs out of the box before I could get downstairs.  I found them on the ground outside the box.  That's four eggs that have been destroyed this year.  My husband installed a wren guard on the box but there are no eggs in the box to encourage the bluebirds to come back.  I sit here watching patiently for any sign of them.  Since hubs was working on the box I expected them to stay away awhile.  But the male just returned and had no problems with the wren guard.  The female found the hole but hasn't gone in the nest box yet.  She's been sitting on top looking through the crack between the roof and the wren guard.  The male has been very encouraging, though.  He keeps showing her how to fly under the guard and into the hole.  If she will lay another egg in the box, we might have a solution to the problem unless the wren figures out how to get into the box.  I guess the theory here is if the wren can't see the hole, they don't know it's a nest box.  But the wren has already been in this box several times, so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.  The female bluebird is sitting on her usual branch on the crab apple tree grooming herself.  I'll let you know what happens.

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