Thursday, August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012...

While hubs is running through the wilds of Washington, I am back at the hotel (and out of the car) for a day.  I love to travel but after a while my backside starts to protest.  So, once in a while, I hunker down with a good book, some great fruit, a few bottles of Pepsi and a TV.  The view here is so spectacular I could just sit on the balcony all day and watch the freighters come and go.  But, I promised you flowers, so flowers it shall be.
Sunflower at Chamberlain, South Dakota overlook.

Lilies are from the La Quinta in Lacey, Washington.
Roses from The Red Lion, Port Angeles, Washington
Fireweed with the Straits of San Juan De Fuca in the background.
The roads in this part of Washington are lined with berries - huge mounding bushes of them.  I'm not sure what kind, either blackberries or black raspberries.  You could fill dump trucks with them and not make a dent in the number of berries - I kid you not.  I've only seen a few ripe ones, most are still blooming or green.
Hydrangeas on the way to Neah Bay.  This bush is at least the size of a Volkswagon Beetle.  I don't have pictures to prove it but Butterfly Bushes here grow roof top high.  We haven't seen many butterflies here, either.  Some small ones but no swallowtails or monarchs.  It would be interesting to know what happened to them this year. 

It's back to the car for me tomorrow as we explore the western coast of Washington.  Saturday it's laundry day and Sunday we head for the Oregon coast. 


  1. Ahhhhh... Thanks for my daily dose of blood pressure lowering medicine. Ruthann

  2. what a pretty flowers!! love them!!

  3. I grew up in the Northwest and now reside in TX. Quite a difference and I was getting homesick just looking at your pics. What a great pastime to travel to all these places! Thanks for sharing.