Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012...

Today was a short travel day without pictures.  We stopped by Staples early this morning to pick up some large manila tags so I could take them to Wisconsin to make Christmas tags.  I also found some great Sharpie pens in silver, gold and copper which looked fantastic on the black paper they placed for testing.  We left Newport about 10:30 this morning after spending some time at the local scrapping store, Paper Mermaid.  I picked up a couple of stamps but this shop was really geared toward scrappers, not card makers.  Lots of Oregon and Washington related embellishments and paper.  The owner directed us to a shop in Corvallis called Creative Crafts and Framing which is located by the Fred Meyer.  I picked up some stamps by a manufacturer I've never seen before and some white Sculpey clay (I know, I could have picked that up at home) but I didn't want to have to run into Peoria for it.

We made a stop at Silver Springs State Park which is chock full of waterfalls.  The hike to them is all  down and miles long.  Not a cloud in the sky and a gazillion cars with lots of kids (school doesn't start until next week here).  Not a chance that Carl could take any decent pictures so we hopped back in the car and headed to Salem.  We're at the Shiloh Inn which is at least a B.  Tiny TV with barely any sound, sink is not only not in the bathroom but it's right next to Carl's bed.  I automatically take off a point for a sink that isn't in the bathroom.  There is no place in the bathroom to place clothes except on the toilet.  And I'd rather my husband doesn't watch me plucking the occasional stray hair,  you need some mystery in a marriage.  Tomorrow we head east, there won't be many more sight-seeing stops and none after Friday when we will spend eleven hours heading home every day we travel.

I understand from our cat sitter, that our rescue cat has again decided my very expensive plush corduroy chair is her cat box.  She did that the second day we had her home but we contributed that to her dislike of the corn cat litter we used.  We changed the litter to what she was used to at the animal shelter and she was fine.  Until yesterday.  I will have to have the chair professionally cleaned and we don't know if she's ill or lonely.  We only had her four days before we left.  If anybody has any suggestions, I'd appreciate them.  Her cat box is clean so that's not a problem and she used it for three weeks so she knows where it is.  I'll do some Internet research and hope to resolve the problem before we have to put plastic on all the furniture.  Hope you're having a great day where ever you are.

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  1. I was really jealous of your post... until the cat thing! Ruthann