Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012...

Today we traveled from Kadoka, South Dakota to Bozeman, Montana.  A long day of driving. 

All day we saw fence post birds.  The land is so flat and there are so few trees, the tallest things around for birds to land on are either fence posts or bales of hay.  In the eastern part of South Dakota they grow crops, in the central part they grow cows and the western part of South Dakota is hilly and has some hay but is mostly cows.  The western portion has more trees and seems to be greener than the central and eastern portions.

This is what so many miles today looked like.

The further west you go, the more it looks like mountains.
Sorry for the water mark on the windshield - Carl missed that spot when we stopped for gas.
The higher up you go the more trees there are.
There have been many fires in the along here.
This is eastern Montana, not the mountains I expected the first time I came out.  The mountains are on the western side of Montana.

We got into Bozeman about 4:30, checked into the motel and headed for our friend's house.  After a great meal, some wonderful hugs and conversation and watching Treanor and Walsh win the gold, we headed for the Bozeman LaQuinta for the night.  This is a relatively new hotel here and is very nice.  Microwave, fridge, 42" flatscreen, bathroom large enough to spread out in, comfy beds, towels not nearly as fluffy as the motel last night but they're ok.  B+  Tomorrow we head for Yellowstone for the day.  If we get back early enough, we will have dinner with Lowell and Marcia again.

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