Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August 7, 2012...

Today's journey took us from Des Moines, Iowa to Kadoka, South Dakota via I80, 680, I29 and I90.  We passed by Kadoka, went through Wall, South Dakota and took a loop around Badlands National Park.  We normally do that in the early morning but tomorrow we make a run from Kadoka to Bozeman, Montana where we are expected for dinner.  We had breakfast at a Cracker Barrel this morning and I went shopping at their discount rack.  I picked up a couple of great shirts for my daughter for Christmas.

Here are some of the pictures I took that show the highlights of our trip - keep in mind most of these pictures were taken through a car window - average temp today was 94 so our air conditioner got a workout.  The corn in South Dakota was nearly as parched as the corn in Iowa and so many of the pot holes were completely dry.  The water fowl was bunched up in the remaining pools.  We didn't see many animals but did find a female antelope with a nursing baby - our first of the trip.  When we get to Wyoming, we'll see them everywhere.

Double click to see a few of the hundreds of windmills along I80 in Iowa.
For Nancy in Iowa:  I present the only rest stop on 680.  The walls were full of holes from moving things and not patching.  One hole was so big it was covered with duct tape.  The door sill was completely rotted away under the door but it seemed to be clean.  I gave it a C.
More road construction along I29.  I think they've been working on this road for at least ten years.
Acres and acres of sunflowers along I90.  They don't seem to be too tall, we wondered what they're grown for.
A picture of the Missouri River from the Chamberlain, South Dakota rest stop. Note the sign.

Badlands National Park.  No matter how often we drive through this park, we are always amazed.  That Mother Nature, she's an awesome old broad.  We were ecstatic to see a pair of Big Horn sheep twins.  And it's always fun to see the prairie dogs although this year there was a big sign that said "Prairie Dogs Have Plague" so I guess that means you don't want to pet them or take them home.

We are currently holed up at America's Best Value Inn (formerly Super 8) in Kadoka.  It isn't fancy and it isn't really expensive but the beds are comfy, the water is hard, the internet is fast and the air conditioning is superb.  There's no coffee pot or elevator to the second floor.  Luckily we travel with a Mr. Coffee and three bags of Cracker Barrel coffee, so we're good.  B-

UPDATE:  Dinner at the Happy Chef.  $38.00 for two bacon cheeseburgers, one coke, one ice tea, a hot fudge sundae made with chocolate syrup and a strawberry shortcake.  The burger had a nice flavor but was very dry, needing drinks to wash it down.  Not many restaurant choices in Kadoka which is (you've heard it before but this is really true) in the very middle of nowhere.


  1. They grow sunflowers for sunflower seed oil. Also for tasty, salty snacks!

    As for the prairie dogs, I don't think Sassy would appreciate it if you brought one home. She don't need no stinkin' prairie dog to compete with. *written by Ruthann*

  2. Your trip sounds amazing. Pics are great too. xxx