Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012...

We were up this morning early and on the road by 5:15am.  We'll be home late tomorrow if we push as hard as we did today.
Can you see how far that road runs straight?  Still no green, looking very much like Wyoming which is where we'll be in a few hours.
Back over the mountains again.  When I opened my suntan lotion, it blew up.  So will any sealed bags you have like chips or tampons.
Wyoming has the longest trains I've ever seen.  Usually pulled by two or three locomotives and sometimes having one in the middle and one at the end.
Wyoming also has hundreds of snow fences along the highway.
And many many miles of this.  All the way into North Platte, Nebraska where we stopped for the night tonight.  At a Hampton Inn.  With REAL high speed internet, a sink in the bathroom where it's supposed to be, comfy beds and pillows, a Ruby Tuesday right down the street, big screen TV, fluffy towels, soft water and a real computer desk with a light, a plug-in and an adjustable chair.  Am I in heaven or what?  And since I didn't sleep well last night, maybe I will tonight.  Home tomorrow, lots to do before we leave for Wisconsin on Saturday.

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