Friday, May 30, 2014

All is well...

I know I shouldn't say this but things are going really well.  No messes for a long time and Sassy seems to have forgotten about pooping in my chair.  It's been uncovered for several months now.  We have a covered and an open box in the living room.  An uncovered box in the basement, an uncovered box in the spare bedroom, an uncovered box in the laundry room and a covered box in my craft room.  All are being used.  I  prefer the covered ones because Sadie likes to back up to the edge of the box and pee.  Sometimes it's in the box and sometimes outside.  I would love to find some boxes that are really tall, perhaps a tub we can cut the front out of.  I'll think on that a while.

Sassy continues to want to play with Sadie but Sadie isn't having any of it.  Once in a while they play chase, but that's rare.  Other than the occasional growl, things are calm and clean.  Carl walks around every few nights with the UV light but hasn't found anything but the dribbles over the edge of the boxes.  Sadie continues to live under our bed but comes out every day to interact.  She no longer lays on our bed, she uses the spare bed which I've covered with an old sheet (it's very expensive and looks nasty covered with black cat hair).  She's not sharpening her claws on furniture.  She gets up on the bed once in a while to bathe Carl, she likes grooming him best but she's not friendly during the day.  I think it disappoints him she's not sweeter.  She seems to like being with us, just not touching us.  If there is an open window, she's in it.  When we have the air on, not so much.

Sassy, on the other hand, is a mama's girl.  She follows me when she's awake.  She sleeps by me when I'm in the family room, she loves to play with the string, torments me by laying on my desk when I'm working or getting up in my chair when I get up to get something or go to the bathroom.  You can actually see the delight in her eyes when I play-scold her.  She's a love.

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