Tuesday, May 27, 2014

From this gazebo - 5/27/14...

Sharing a little of the garden with you today.
This lovely yellow iris started blooming yesterday.  It was transplanted from the sidewalk garden to the pond.
Carl built this lovely cedar box with a light to hold all the wires and sensors to the pond.  We watched the light come on last night, it adds a subtle glow of light by the side of the pond and attracts insects for the frog.
The day after this picture was taken, the chickadee box was torn off of the pole by the raccoons, all the stuffing was pulled out and the babies were gone.  We won't install any more bird boxes without baffles in the future.
One of the hanging baskets I purchased at the local IGA.  Their baskets are exceptional, this one is the size of a bushel basket now, covered in blooms and I paid $17.99 for it.
Our resident bullfrog.  He just showed up after the pond was finished.
The view of the pond from the landing going into the gazebo from the courtyard.  The courtyard is where I grow my veggies.  More pics tomorrow.

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  1. Ab Fab Gorgeous!!! Gardening & watching it bloom is what I miss most about moving to Florida, and that was 14 years ago!! We get about a months worth of spring then bang! right into summer. UGH!!