Saturday, May 10, 2014

From this window - 5/10/14...

This was the end of the second day.  Three guys worked on Thursday, they tore apart the old pond and moved all the rock to our driveway.  They shaped a round ten foot into an eleven by 16 foot hole with shelves for plants, installed the bio-falls, and the skimmer.   Saturday, two of them installed the liner, started shaping the waterfall, added the rock in the pond and the large boulders.  Lots more to do.  Today (Saturday), they will finish shaping the waterfall, add boulders and rocks, attach the bio-filter and skimmer to the liner, add water, adjust the flow, and then we start the landscaping.  They will bring mulch, river rock, boulders, and a selection of plants for both inside and outside the pond.  My water lilies will be replanted, my Mrs. Perry D. Slocum lotus will be repotted and added to the pond.  Chemicals will be added to reduce the impact of the chlorine and to add the good bacteria ponds need to thrive.  The hatched toad eggs we rescued will go back in the pond and the mess in the grass will be raked and restored to its green glory.  More pictures tomorrow.

The young men building this pond are from Hornbaker Gardens in Princeton, IL.  They have numerous ponds on their property as well as extensive plantings, it's more a destination than a nursery.  I highly recommend a visit, you will be awed.  They don't advertise they build ponds because they have all the work they can handle, if you are in the Peoria area and looking for a new pond, they not only do superb work but they are charming young men who really know how to make the perfect pond.

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