Friday, May 16, 2014

We keep plugging along...

Sadie is back on the pill.  Two weeks after we stopped giving it to her, she started marking in the house.  Laundry room, hallway, my craft room, no rhyme or reason to where.  So, unhappily, we had to return her to the pills and the marking has stopped.  But her disposition is back to crappy.  She growls and hisses, spits at Sassy, doesn't want to interact with us again.  So, either put up with the pee (not even considering this) or put up with her aggression.

Sassy is down to an accident every other week or so.  And she's trying so hard to interact with Sadie.  She follows her around like a puppy, chases her when Sadie runs, and manages to be in every room Sadie goes to.

Taking Sadie outside was a bust.  We cleaned the gazebo, moved in food and water and a litter box and then grabbed Sadie (who isn't good with being picked up anyway), hustled her to the gazebo and she literally freaked out.  She tried to climb the screen on the house side, fell off and started growling, she wouldn't come to me or let me touch her.  Her claws and teeth are terrifying so I went in the house and got a blanket which I threw over her which allowed me to grab her and take her in the house.  No more gazebo for Sadie this year, perhaps next year.  Sassy, on the other hand, is nervous outside, knows where the door is and when we're ready to go into the house, she comes when called.  She prowls all around the edges of the gazebo and is actually content sometimes to sit on my shoulder to watch the pond.

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