Friday, May 16, 2014

From this window - 5/16/14...

OK, not the best picture but the best I could get through the screen of our bedroom window.  The stream has three waterfalls that gurgle and bubble their way into the pond.  The pond itself is 11x16 and is 24" deep at the center.  It was three shelves inside for marginal plants.  There are marginals in the stream and water hyacinth in the bio filter.  We have pickerel, parrot feather, blue iris and yellow iris, cannas and water forget-me-nots.  American toads have already laid eggs in it, and we have a dozen small fish.  The pond is surrounded by black-eyed Susans, three different types of cone flowers, Red Hot Pokers, ornamental grasses, dianthus, candytuft, hydrangeas, miniature butterfly bushes, creeping phlox, creeping thyme, peonies, lavender, siberian iris and sedum.  If this blasted rain would ever quit, perhaps we could enjoy it.  It's supposed to clear up today and be warm and sunny the next two days.  We're eager to watch it grow from new to settled in.

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