Friday, May 30, 2014

From this gazebo - 5/30/14...

Work is finally finished on the pond.  The brick edging has been cleaned up, new brick installed where it was taken out, the cedar box that contains the plugs, cords and sensors for the pond is functional and, I might add, is a work of art.

 The light comes on after dark.
 All the plugs are inside, the block box on the outside is the sensor that turns on the pond lights.
 The door to get into the box.
 One of our newly fledged robins.
 Siberian Iris
 Floribunda rose - Sunsprite - smells amazing - notice the caterpillar?
 Variegated Wiegela
 Standard Wiegela
Monsieur Jules Elie peony

 Back in Black iris
 Meadow Sage

I still have not seen a bee anywhere in the garden.  Tomato blossoms are falling off with no fruit left behind.  The catmint and meadow sage are totally without bees (unheard of in my garden).  We've only seen two butterflies, both swallowtails.  No monarchs.  No eggs on the milkweed.  Very few flies.

On the other hand, tree seeds have been in the millions.  We've had two kinds of maple seeds, the tiny flat seeds of the river birch, and now the cottonwoods are seeding.  Our deck, garden beds and flower pots are filled to the brim with these seeds.  We Preen but still get thousands of seedlings every year.  Short of taking down the trees, there isn't a lot we can do but curse.

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