Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boy, I'm good....

I knew my cheering would boost the Americans medal count. Knew it, knew it, knew it. Lindsey Vonn was spectacular in the Women's Downhill. Shaun White - he's grown up nicely, hasn't he? I heard him on an interview talking about missing "little things" like being able to go to the grocery store without being recognized. When asked if that bothered him, he said that he'd "do anything for kids" and mentioned being turned down for an autograph when he was younger and how hurt he was. Can you image asking something of your hero and being told to flake off? Shani Davis in the 1000m looked pretty darn good, also. So, here's to the athletes, may your feet take wings, may your dreams be fulfilled, may your Olympic experience be all that you hoped for. And thanks for the memories...of the determination on your face, the vicarious thrill of your victory, the culmination of the practice and deprivation that led you here. We love you all.

We should have our own Olympics at home. In Pearls Before Swine today, Pig found out that "being fat on the couch" is not an Olympic event. Darn! I've been practicing for that one for years. I wonder if folding and putting away laundry during Judge Judy could be an event. Or how about Run to the Grocery Store to buy the forgotten Cumin before dinner burns and hubby gets home. Or answering the phone while placing rhinestones with glue on them on your latest creation - cursing is allowed in this event

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