Friday, February 5, 2010

Focus, focus, focus

I'm having more senior moments these days. In mid-conversation, I will stop talking - searching for a word I was sure I knew yesterday, yet cannot find packed away anywhere in my brain. My husband, considerate man that he is, will often say at these times "Is this gonna take long?" like he had someplace else to be at that moment and can't wait fifteen or twenty minutes while I open all the filing cabinets in my head to find the word I was searching for. Add insult to injury, it usually isn't a huge word, it's usually a word I use all the time, but it has for all intents and purposes been removed from my vocabulary at that instant, only to be replaced at three a.m. Eureka! I also travel from room to room looking for something that I forgot just after I started my journey. I sometimes make several trips for the same item, having forgotten it, returned to my starting place, remembered it and trying again. Last week I put something in the microwave to store it; it was sour cream. Luckily I caught that one before it started to stink.

It happened to me again this morning. I was in my room listening to last night's Burn Notice (which I record because it's on way past my bedtime LOL) and creating the card shown below. I was basically finished; I was in that "is that all there is?" moment when something about the card struck me as wrong. You know that little voice in the back of your subconscious that tells you 'it ain't right'? But I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong. So, I stared at that card for a half an hour. I moved it to the left and then to the right. I closed it, I opened it, I knew it was wrong, but ... So I took a trip to the little girl crafter's room and when I came back, it jumped out at me. I had the "a" in dream upside down. Now, wouldn't you think that would be obvious? Luckily for the card, I could peel it up and reglue it. So, for the people sweet enough to comment on my cards, watch my back, will ya? When I put the image upside down, or I don't color it, or something else is seriously wrong, shout me out, eh?

The paper for this card was DCWV the Blossom & Butterfly, the sentiment was from the Cuttlebug Alphabet "You're Not the Boss", and cut on AC Specialty Paper - Foil. The image is Picnic Tilda. The butterfly in the upper right is a Spellbinder die, the butterfly in the lower left is a Martha Stewart Punch. Spicas: Clear for the wings, Baby Blue for the pocket accent. A Silver Jelly Roll was used on the overalls button. Copics: E93, E11, YR23, YR31, Y21, B45, RV21, YG25, B41, E37, YR12, C1, and C5. The basic card was edged in a Krylon Silver Leafing Pen. In my last order from StampingScrapping, I got a big order of Copics and now have a full set of Sketch with the exception of some grays. I also got a big bunch of Maggies - thanks for the great customer service, Cindy, I luv ya! (ok, you too, Kevin)

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