Monday, February 8, 2010

The birdfeeder...

It's snowing like crazy here but I managed to get out early and fill the feeders in case I was unable to do it later. Just as I hung the peanut feeder, I noticed a lot of commotion in the brush pile across the street. The land is partially cleared and what wasn't cut for firewood, was piled. Lots of birds hang in the brush pile and boy were they making a ton of noise. As I looked in that direction, I "felt" something over my head and when I looked up, it was a sharp-shinned hawk skimming my hair and headed for the brush pile. He landed on a branch just above the brush pile and grabbed the first house sparrow that was too nervous to stay safe. And then he flew away. The whole episode took less than 10 seconds, I didn't even get really cold watching (and I didn't have my coat on). On a related note, I watched an episode of Curb Appeal on HGTV while I was down with a headcold. There was a nest in a roof overhang that the owner was most anxious not be harmed while painting. They removed the nest into a cardboard box and put it on the roof. While clearly filming the male house sparrow next to the box, they said they were "relieved to see the mother check out the nest". Those kinds of things really make me laugh - and make me more aware of how nature is portrayed on television. Like "In the Heat of the Night" where the loons are always calling. I do believe that loons are mostly northern birds except during the winter when they might be along the southeastern coast. I think "Heat" just has a bird soundtrack they play over and over, regardless of season. And that eagle you hear calling in the distance? Isn't an eagle at all - they don't call. They do have a chatter. Red-tailed hawks are a stand-in for that lovely, poignant sound of the eagle.


  1. Now that a funny card. Cute, but funny.

  2. Well, isn't he a peculiar looking man? LOL

    Great the layout too! I need to partake in more sketch challenges!

  3. I could think a few guys that would work for..nice card! Cheers, Lora Sinkler-Lake

  4. Adorable Cindy, love this little fella!! Hugs, Stephanie

  5. Great card! Brilliant image and colours. Hugs Shelley

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  6. Love your card - he's just too funny! Great coloring. Jackie

  7. Girl this card is HILARIOUS! Loved it!
    YOu just reminded me..I need to put my feeder out..It will be hard to find the floor though. After all the snow we got around here!

  8. Wonderful card! Love it!♥

    Thanks for joining us at Friday Sketchers this week!