Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So many dreams...

I watched my first hockey game ever Sunday. I confess I don't know anything about hockey, I couldn't tell you the rules, and following the puck makes me dizzy. I do, however, know about the Mighty Ducks, one of my favorite movies - so I quacked. Didn't help. After a tremendous effort, the USA lost the gold medal to Canada. I'm sorry they lost, but I'm glad if they had to, it was to Canada. Did anyone watch the story of Gander, Newfoundland, and what they did for America during 9-11? I had never heard that, it hadn't occured to me the planes not allowed over US airspace were landing in Canada. But then, our brains were numbed by the attack. I've always had a great opinion of our sister country, the Olympics just deepened it. I'm sorry they're over. My husband would laugh at me as I quietly chanted, "Bode, Bode, Bode." And isn't Shaun White just the cutest thing - him and his McTwisty. Our bobsled team rocked - and rolled - and kicked butt. (Speaking of butt, how about the bobsled uniforms? - showed all their beers.) I saw kids jumping off of a perfectly good mountain, yikes. If the Wright Brothers had tried that first, we might not have airplanes, I swear it must be like flying. Men's nordic was awesome, gold medal in men's figure skating, what a coup! Kudos to all the countries, all the athletes, just being there made them all winners in my book.

Today is movie day: The third of the Mariachi series and Zorro, both with Antonio. Ina's Vegetable Frittata is on the menu, dessert will be a surprise. Also, stay tuned for an update of the Chicago Flower Show, Ruthann and I will be attending next Sunday, March 7, and we will be driven up by my long suffering husband.

Things I wonder: Why my cat only decides to love me when I'm in the middle of an exacting craft project involving glue and glitter?

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