Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring alert...

I have to admit I am always rushing seasons. I am barely into one before I'm waiting for the next one. The season that causes me the most work is spring. There are leaves and branches to clean up, 11 flower beds to clean and compost, the greenhouse to put together, early seeds to start and spring bulbs to plant. After 4 months of little exercise, the first warm day I rush out and kill myself. We had a tree service trim all the white pines and blue spruces, as well as the crabapple and redbud. In addition to normal winter clutter, we have the debris from 14 trees to clean up. My husband did get the greenhouse up and I have started the tomatoes in the house but the rest is right where it dropped. I'm tired of 60 degrees, then 40 degrees, then 60 degrees, although it might be the only thing keeping me alive - the day of rest between the work.

We've been having elderly parent issues so it seems our lives are not our own anymore. My husband shoulders much more of that responsibility than anyone else which is why chores are not getting done as fast as they normally would.

My husband dug this double decker pond one shovelful at a time using only a picture from as a guide. The bottom pond is 10 feet across and two feet deep with a three foot hole on the left side. The top pond is six feet across and one foot deep. It's just for tropical water plants and frogs. The plants in the top pond spend the winter in his workroom in the basement under growlights in big tubs. He had never done masonry before or built a waterfall. Amazing, isn't it? It's now filled with water lilies and lotus, fish and frogs. The dragonflies and damsel flies are thick and the plants have filled in all around it.

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