Tuesday, May 29, 2012

From this window - 5/27...

The garden is growing well:

This is the area bordered by our family room, the deck and the gazebo.  Our veggies are grown in pots behind a net stretched from the house to the stairs on the gazebo.  This keeps the deer out of our garden and allows me to keep them well watered.  We have five kinds of tomatoes, cucumbers, bush beans, lettuce, green peppers and cucumbers.  By late June I can pick a huge salad right off of my deck.
In the distance you can see the annual bed surrounded by net.  The deer are crazy about the sunflowers we grow for the birds in the late fall.
This is the view from the stairs going to the gazebo looking out over the back yard.  All the flower beds are lush this year but we've already had to water.
Another view of our veggie garden.  I already have tomatoes on most of my plants - they were all started from seed in the greenhouse.
Looking up to our deck.  The new canopy over the deck is larger than the one we took down this year.
Another view overlooking our pond and backyard.  You can just see a corner of the shed.
The top pond.
The old shade structure without the canopy.  Each leg has two vines at the bottom.  A terrific addition to our garden this year.

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  1. Everything is so beautiful, my hubby grows our food, I cannot keep it alive so I admire your plantings