Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Time's dragging without you....

I've spent six straight days without my husband.  We're not apart that long usually.  He takes short overnight trips to take photographs but by and large, he's a home boy.  We travel so well together that trips are not as much fun if we aren't together.  Our next trip is in August when we will be heading to the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  Our longest stop will be in Port Angeles, Washington.  We can head for the water, the mountains or the forest from there.  We will also take the ferry to Victoria for a day; the last time we made that trip we saw Orcas from the ferry.  While he's been gone there have been big changes to the garden.  The hydrangea I made him move two years ago because it was doing so poorly on the south side of the house has buds on it for the first time since we moved here nine years ago.  On the north side of the house in the craft room bluebird house there are two eggs.  She will lay between two and five, one year I had six.  She won't start incubating until she's laid her last egg.  She comes in the early morning, lays an egg and leaves for the day.  The male comes periodically and checks on the nest.  My guess is she's out filling herself with protein for the next egg.  Yesterday there were thirteen white water lilies blooming in the pond.  That's the most at one time ever.  It's too bad we will have to divide them before they over take the pond.


  1. Your card is adorable, lovely coloring. I love the title you used, hope your husband is home very soon.

  2. OMG C2, this is stunning card!! yes, this little dragon is a cutie and a must have.. although I dont yet. Anyways.. absolutely cute!!

    oh, I love the story about the blue birds you told!! cant wait to read more about it!!


  3. Super, super cute! Now...I want him too! :)