Friday, May 11, 2012

The garden in spring....

This is the view from our gazebo looking out into the backyard.  The birdbath has heavy use in the evening when the finches, robins and cardinals come to drink and bathe.  The pond contains fish, tadpoles and bullfrogs.
Four colors of iris; two are: Back in Black and Pledge of Allegiance.  There's also Campanula, columbine, knautia, cone flowers, black-eyed susans, sundrops and a yellow rose planted there.
 More iris and three of the peonies as well as a stand of zebra grass.
 White native water lilies.
 Resident bullfrog in the top pond.
A close up of one of the water lilies.


  1. So beautiful! I love that picture of the bullfrog.

  2. Oh C2, this is so pretty! love all the flowers!!! not so much of the frog lol lol !!

  3. What a beautiful place you call home. How can you ever leave it (except for a trip to FL)?
    jack from naples

  4. Its beautiful, your so lucky to have a water garden, I'll bet you have even made cards that look like your garden! I've just found your blog and will take a look around! Louella